Starting an Effective Q&A Session

This is a follow-up to an earlier post I did on “Creating an Effective Q&A Session”. In my earlier post I focused on making sure you have clarity on the question. I advised waiting until the full question is asked. Another consideration I made was to repeat the question so that everyone, including you is clear before you respond. Here is the link to that earlier post.

I received some feedback on my LinkedIn feed. The gentleman pointed out another aspect to consider. Getting the Q&A started can sometimes be challenging. The audience is not forthcoming with any questions and this can create an awkward pause. His suggestion, which I agree with, is to always have 3-4 canned questions that you can use in those situations. You could introduce the question by saying “Here is a question that I get asked quite frequently”. State the question then proceed to answer it. By this time the audience usually has a few of their own questions. If not use another of your canned questions to remove any awkwardness.

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