Here are my 3 core seminars designed to improve the effectiveness of individuals, groups and organizations by promoting effective skills in leadership, and communication.

1. The Speaker’s Tool Box -

    Perfecting the Craft of Speaking

According to the Book of Lists the fear of speaking outranks the fear of death by a margin of two to one. It is not surprising that many people are uncomfortable speaking in front of a group. Yet our personal and professional lives are impacted by our ability to communicate effectively.

This motivational seminar will take you through the basics of public speaking. It will help you strip away the fear; intimidation and uncertainty by providing you with the tools that will help you become more confident, effective and engaging whether you are speaking to a group of two or two hundred. Each of us has a speaker’s ‘tool box’. Find out what tools are in yours and how to use them to become an effective and confident speaker.

What you will learn:

The 3 V’s of Communication Active Listening
The Communication Model Listening with Your Eyes
The Speaker’s ‘Tool Box’ Handling Speaking Anxiety
Creating a Perception of Confidence Managing the ‘Noise’


2. The Presenter’s Tool Box -

    Perfecting the Craft of Presenting

Presentations are a staple to doing business. Many people think of presentations in the traditional sense where individuals stand at the front of the room and use overheads, flip charts and PC viewers to share their message with their audience.

This seminar will address these traditional formats and will also explore non-traditional presentations associated with many businesses. These are often one on one or one on a few meetings where the presentation is made across a desk or table. You will learn about the tools you have available and how to use them to deliver your message effectively in either presentation style and you will learn how to use your most important visual aid, YOU, to full potential.

What you will learn:

Know Your Audience Perception is Everything
Build Your Message Perfect the Layout
PC Projection & Flip Charts The Presenter’s ‘Tool Box’
Manage the ‘Noise’ Adjusting the Course


3. Business Networking & Communication -

    Building Relationships

The majority of the things we do or achieve in our lives are done with the support and assistance of others. They could be friends, family members, co-workers and persons with similar interests as ours, professional contacts, etc.

A strong personal network will enhance your chances of success no matter what your goal is. We all have personal networks. This seminar will discuss the benefits of networking and will identify how you can strengthen your existing networks and how you can develop new ones to achieve your goals.

What you will learn:

Find the ‘Common Ground’ If they are talking you listen
Begin NOW with what you have When to Ask Questions
Good Networks Require RISK How to network virtually
Your Attitude is Showing Tricks of the Trade

All seminar topics can be delivered in lunch and learn, half or full day formats and can be tailored to suite the needs of the client. Participant workbook and other seminar related materials are included.

I believe in working with my clients not just for them. Let’s connect to determine if these seminars will benefit your organization. Contact me at:

Four things come not back: the spoken word, the sped arrow, the past life, and the neglected opportunity.