There is No Secret Pill for Speaking Anxiety

Many individuals are looking for a quick fix to their speaking anxiety. The reality is that there is no quick fix. It took us years to learn our public speaking anxiety. The good news is that we can ‘unlearn’ it. It will require patience, commitment and participation. It will take time.

You do not mange your anxiety by focusing on ‘tricks’ such as imagining your audience in their underwear. I had a hard enough time when they were fully dressed. Another trick that doesn’t work is to find a spot on the back wall and look at it while you speak. One of the core skills of public speaking and all types of oral communication is to engage your audience. The best way to do that is through eye contact. So staring at a spot on the wall won’t work.

There are more practical ways to manage your speaking anxiety. The most important one is preparation. If you are not prepared you have set yourself up for failure. You have to know your content well and be clear on the most effective way to deliver it. Preparation includes rehearsal.

Preparation gives you a solid foundation to work with. My next post will show you how to build on that foundation and how that will lead to you managing your speaking anxiety.

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