Coaching for Entrepreneurs

You own your own business and you realize that you need to know how to speak as a confident, engaging and effective speaker in front of an audience. It’s time to tell your story to the world and become the face and voice of your business. Future customers, investors, partners and colleagues alike are waiting to hear from you.

But you’re at a stand still.

Speaking doesn’t come easy to you. Perhaps you have done it a few times. Now you are ready to really up your game so that you can be poised, charismatic and capture the crowd.

You know that by becoming a confident, engaging and effective speaker, you will take your business to new heights. There’s no turning back now, it’s the logical next step.

Hi, I’m Joel Sweeney and for the last 21 years, I’ve been working with entrepreneurs, just like you to help them become more confident, engaging and effective speakers.

Are you ready to begin our work together? Here’s how you’ll know:

  • you are eager to learn how to become a more confident, engaging and effective speaker (even if it scares you)
  • you want to fast track your learning curve by working with an experienced coach
  • you want a speaking coach who can quickly identify your strengths and teach you how to use them to your advantage
  • you are willing to put in the work necessary to step out of your comfort zone and begin the training

Ready to let go of your anxiety and fear about speaking for good? Want to become a confident, engaging and effective speaker? Here are my Coaching Options.

Need more information? Contact me today at Joel@JoelSweeney.com to set up a Free 30 minute consultation. Together we can Make Your Voice Heard!

I look forward to hearing from you.


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