Understanding Speaking Anxiety

Why do we have such a strong fear of speaking in public? I think we have a better chance of answering this question if we understand what drives our fear.

In this video I use a beam analogy to help you understand the dynamics at play when speaking anxiety takes hold on us. It is not unlike having a fear of heights. So if we understand one we understand the other.

This analogy helps you determine is the fear of speaking worth the risk of actually doing it. The risk you face is that your anxiety will manifest itself in some strange and bazar way. I have been learning, training and coaching public speaking for over 20 years and I have never seen anyone die from public speaking and I have never seen anyone faint. So determine what is the worse that can happen to you. Accept and get on with doing it.

Regardless of how much anxiety you have, the reality is that to get past it you have to get up and speak. No one else can do it for you.

For those that decide yes, the journey to managing their speaking anxiety is well underway.

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