If You Want to be Known as Pleasant Tell Your Face

It is important that our facial expression and vocal tone are in synch with what we want to be known for. If we want our audience (1 or 1000) to perceive us as pleasant we need to ensure that our facial expression and tone of voice are reflecting that message. If they aren’t our audience will pay less attention to the words and will focus on our facial expression and tone of voice.

This applies to all our oral communications and whatever quality we want to convey. If we want to be perceived as enthusiastic, sincere, committed, grateful, etc. we will be more successful if our facial expression and tone of voice supports those qualities.

If you are using video to communicate your message remember that you will not have the advantage of immediate feedback from your audience. This isn’t a bad thing. It will give you a greater opportunity to focus more energy on delivering your message.

What’s your face telling your audience?

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