Sowing the Seeds of Success

I have been a proud contributor to the CAST (Community Advancement Strategic Team) for over two years. The CAST is a group of approximately 10 individuals facilitated by Barry Lewis Green. Barry poses a question each month and the members respond either in text or video. Barry then compiles the submissions and posts them to his blog.

Here is the question for April 2017

They say April showers, bring May flowers (whoever “they” are)… so if we understand the metaphor of showers as the preparation for the flowers… what habits or practices or advice do you best recommend for sowing the seeds to any success? In other words, what rituals or practices do you use to best prepare yourself for opportunities and challenges?

Here is my video response to the question.

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  1. Nice to learn about your morning ritual and pleased to hear that gratitude is a part of it.

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