What’s in a Brand?

I recently viewed a video by Jeff Walker on branding. I am a huge fan of Jeff and have been following him for several years. I also attended one of his PLF Live events in Scottsdale, Arizona a couple of years ago.

Jeff’s video resonated with me. He made some great points and inspired me to share a bit of my own perspective on branding.

Many of us are solo-entrepreneurs. We have an expertise, a product, a message, etc that we feel is beneficial to our target market. How we engage and market our target audience and how we deliver our product and service are part of our brand. How we present ourselves is also part of our brand.

In this video blog I share a few of thoughts on the importance of ensuring that we are being true to our brand in everything we do. In order to do that we have to recognize that our brand is much more than some marketing materials.
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