What is Having the Greatest Impact on Oral Communication?

Effective oral communication has been impacted in recent years by the proliferation of texting. It wasn’t that long ago if we wanted to communicate with someone the preferred method was oral communication. Quite frequently, in today’s world, the preference is to text.

This creates a couple of problems. First the written word is frequently misinterpreted. There is a tendency to use short cuts and emoticons to convey messages. Often the wrong word is automatically substituted and we have hit send before we realize the difference. Secondly, because we are not using oral communication as frequently as we used to we, as a society, are losing some of our skills.

Texting is a great tool and used in the appropriate way it can be very effective. I think the problem is that we revert to texting when oral communication is clearly the better alternative.

Oral communication is like any skill, it needs to be practiced in order to be refined and effective.
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