The Greatest Compliment I Was Ever Paid

The greatest compliment I was ever paid was when someone asked my opinion and actually took the time to listen.

Oral communication is a giving and receiving process. It is important that listening is an active part of the process.

This is true for all forms of oral communication, whether you are speaking to one or two people or an audience of many.

Whatever the size of our audience they will communicate with us both verbally and non verbally. Unfortunately we don’t typically put a lot of effort into listening to the non-verbal messages, particularly if we find ourselves speaking to a group of people.

Some speakers believe that because they are speaking they don’t have to listen. If you are speaking to a large audience often the only communication you may get from them is non-verbal. So it is important to keep that in mind and learn to ‘listen with your eyes’.

By listening with your eyes you will get a chance to read the nonverbal messages being sent by your audience.
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