Can Speaking Anxiety Be Age Based?

The suggestion that speaking anxiety is more intense for a young person than it is for an older person was suggested to me a few days ago by young person in his early twenties.

I having been thinking about it and I believe that the level of speaking anxiety is not determined by age. There can be situational anxiety where individuals find some speaking situations more intimidating than others. ie speaking to your peers, speaking at the wedding of a close friend or family member. speaking to a large audience, etc.

I have been teaching, training and coaching on public speaking and presentation skills for over twenty years. I have dealt with a wide ranges of ages from late teens to late fifties. I have not seen any evidence that would suggest that anxiety levels are age based. One could argue that the reverse might be true. The older you are the more entrenched the anxiety could be.

I have dealt with individuals of all ages who had intense anxiety and did not find one with anxiety more limiting than another.

There is no magic pill or secret formula for managing speaking anxiety. It requires commitment to doing the work. The good news is that if you are committed you can create the perception of confidence long before you actually have the confidence.
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